Kubernetes Learning material(Industry want)

Training Overview:

As an organization, we are seeking an expert in Kubernetes to create a comprehensive training program covering the following topics:

Training Objectives:

  • Equip learners with an intermediate to advanced understanding of Kubernetes.

  • Provide practical knowledge for supporting production systems.

  • Utilize documented guides in PowerPoint format for training delivery.


  • Support team members with a basic understanding of Kubernetes.

Training Scope:

  • Introduction to Kubernetes

  • Deploying applications on Kubernetes

  • Scaling and managing Kubernetes clusters

Training Structure:

  • Total sessions: 8

  • Planned sessions: 4

  • Duration: Each session 2-3 hours

Training Sessions:

Session 1: Introduction to Kubernetes

  • What is Kubernetes?

  • Key components (e.g., Pods, Nodes, Services, Deployments)

  • Architecture and concepts (e.g., declarative configuration, self-healing, scaling)

  • Interacting with Kubernetes (e.g., kubectl, Kubernetes Dashboard)

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting

Session 2: Kubernetes Operations

  • Deploying and managing Kubernetes on AWS EKS

  • Configuring and managing Kubernetes resources

  • State management

  • Monitoring and logging for cluster health

  • Resource Quotas and Limits

  • Identifying and resolving common issues

Session 3: Introduction to Kafka

  • What is Apache Kafka?

  • Architecture and key concepts (e.g., topics, partitions, brokers, producers, consumers)

  • Deployment and configuration

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting

Session 4: Kafka Operations

  • Deploying and managing Kafka on AWS MSK

  • Configuring and managing Kafka topics, partitions, and consumers

  • Performance tuning and optimization

  • Backup and disaster recovery

Project Details:

  • The project aims to train the internal team on Kubernetes, Kafka, and Microservices.

  • The focus will be on practical knowledge and real-world scenarios.